Art museum Torfrid Olsson

Bygdeträsk, Skellefteå

In the village Bygdeträsk, next to Europe's longest birch valley, you will find "Northern Sweden's foremost art museum". The museum shows Torfrid Olsson's (1913-2003) artistry with headstrong and original works of art in many different techniques and materials as well as history, studio and much more related to Torfrid's many years of artistic career.

The artist is represented at e.g. Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Västerås and Göteborgs konstmuseum and via a number of public decorations. In 2013, "To the Praise of Fertility" was released - the book about Torfrid's life and art.

The museum receives both booked groups and individual spontaneous visitors and is as attractive and interesting for the art-conscious as it is for a curious passer-by. Works by one of Torfrid Olsson's artist acquaintances are also shown annually. For example Berta Hansson, Oscar Reutersvärd and the designer and ceramist Stig Lindberg. Note! In 2023 works by Ulrika Rönnblom-Persson will be shown.

Opening hours and entrance fees - See or call 073-0806752 where normally group visits can also be booked for other times than specified opening hours.

Café with home-baked coffee bread and ice cream, "museum chocolate" etc.